Chapter 1: A Summons

The Tower of the Seven Winds rises like a white hand to heaven out of the center of Cariden City, deep in the heart of the human homeland. Blue and white banners flow in a gentle breeze coming off the prairies to the east and south, waving to you and your companions as you approach Cariden City’s granite East Gate, beckoning you. Even as you weave your way through the crowded streets lined with shops and buildings, the Tower’s spires mark your destination, guiding you to the guarded portcullis that separates the city from the small citadel that houses the Tower. are met by a human chamberlain wearing the livery of the Tower. welcome you to the holy Tower of the Seven Winds and direct you to the Council Chamber. The Council is in session, and awaits you eagerly!” You follow your new guide across a large courtyard, through a large set of oak doors, through a grand lobby, up a long set of wide granite stairs, and through another set of large, guarded doors.

The Council Chamber spreads before you, a large, circular room with a long table curving
along the walls to your left and right. Ahead, across from your point of entry, sits the High Wizard Similion in a massive, ornately carved wooden siege, a vertical window of brightly- coloured stained glass on either side of him, the morning sun coming through in brilliant colours. At your entrance, the all the Councillors in the room except the aged Similion stands, touches the center of their forehead in a show of respect. They are seated, and you notice as the chamberlain conveys you to the center of the room that one of the twelve council seats sits empty. Similion eyes you inscrutably, then speaks.

“Welcome! We have awaited your arrival with great anticipation! A thousand thanks to each of your peoples for sending us their bravest, their strongest, their most cunning so quickly and so readily. I apologize that our messengers were unable to apprise you of the situation before your arrival. I’m afraid the trouble has grown far more dangerous than even we on the council foresaw. Our land is facing a terrible threat, and we are in desperate need of your help. Allow me to explain.

"You have no doubt noticed that one chair of the Council's twelve sits empty. I am
grieved to say that one of our most promising young Councillors, Andis Pel’Thorron has elected to leave the Council in a fit of rage, and we have received intelligence that he is even now raising an army with plans to ignite a civil war and divide the country. This is the worst possible time for such a war.

“As you may have heard, the last six months have been most taxing on our people. The

emergence of a new cult of dark wood elves wreaking havoc on the west border in the forests of Ammthrall has forced us into an armed conflict we never wanted. After the first few attacks on our villages, we could no longer rely on diplomacy, and finally resorted, unfortunately, to war.

“Only last week we received the news that Coucillor Pel’Thorron has formed an allegiance with the elven cult. This is why we need you. We cannot afford such a powerful allegiance between our enemies. We believe that Pel’Thorron is the keystone of this alliance, and that without him, the factions will dissolve into their respective elements, which can then be dealt with individually.

“It is for this that we have summoned you. Our earlier attempts to…remove Andis Pel’Thorron have failed. Since we are fighting in the west with the armies of evil elves, our full strength must remain there. Thus, we sent out the general plea for heroes, and thus your arrival here today. Our best chance for victory at this point is to assassinate Pel’Thorron before he can move his army against us from the north-west. I give this to you as your quest. Find Pel’Thorron and kill him. I’m afraid we have yet to have a scout return to tell us his precise location, but we do know he is somewhere in mountains to the north-west.

“In order to aid your mission, I give you each 200 gp to do with as you see fit. But you must hurry, time runs short. Once you have been outfitted here in Cariden City, take the road west to Wyndam Run, then north to Erskein Ferry. After that, I’m afraid you are on your own. Have you any questions?”

“Good hunting, and…good luck.”

Tower of the Seven WInds